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Fresh noodles or pasta is a symbol of high-end restaurant. Varied ramen characteristics, straight or wavy, thin or thick, narrow or wide and water content are essential for different menu. Chefs are keen on the bounciness, broth clinginess, chewing texture and balanced interaction with other ingredients.

It is impossible to have micro-adjusted noodles from your suppliers. So you make your own noodles with TP-2 Noodle Making Machine from scratch. It is suitable for making ramen, udon, pasta, soba, dumpling skin and more with different cutters. It is reliable for years of operation. The most cost effective model for mid to long term usage due to its low maintenance fee.

Compare with TP-1, this machine includes the kneader. The flour and water can be mixed evenly. Parallel mixing the flour, rolling the dough and cutting the noodle is available to increase your work rate to 200 - 500 servings per hour.

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Roller section: 200 - 500 servings per hour
Cutting section: 500 servings per hour
Mixer section: 6 - 16 kg each time



Width × Depth × Height
Roller section: 650 × 765 × 566 mm
Cutting section: 641 × 720 × 556 mm
Mixer section: 890 × 455 × 708 mm

Total: 650 × 1,100 × 1,326 mm


360 kg


Roller section: 400W
Cutting section: 170W
Mixer section: 400W
Total: 970W

Safety Certification

UL, NSF, CSA certified

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Sanuki Menki Co. Ltd

Our manufacturer is a noodle making expert in Japan for 110 years. They hold more than 45 patents, invention awards and design award. Products made in Japan are sold all around the world.

Sanuki Menki Co. Ltd