• TP-1 Noodle Making Machine

    TP-1 Noodle Making Machine

    Compact roller-type noodle making machine. Adjustable length and thickness for noodles.

    TP-1 Specifications 
  • TP2 front photo

    TP-2 Noodle Making Machine

    Medium roller-type noodle making machine with mixer. Larger but have more functions than TP-1.

    TP-2 Specifications 
  • MN16 Multi Kneader

    MN-16 Multi Kneader

    Versatile mixer for making dough with all water level contents.

    MN16 Specifications 
  • Tsumataro vegetable cutting machine

    Manual Negimaru 120

    Vegetable cutter for chives, green onion, leeks and more. Adjustable steps with 1mm, 2mm and 3mm.

    Manual Negimaru 120 Specs. 
  • Tsumataro vegetable cutting machine


    Vegetable cutting machines with 4 different styles, katsuramuki, garnish, nageami and odoriami.

    TSUMATARO Specifications 
  • Ron gyoza grill

    RON Gyoza Grill

    Grill for gyoza, potsticker and dumpling. Made by Japanese 20mm Nanbu Iron Cast. Easy operation and cleaning.

    RON Specifications 
  • Gyoza Innovation

    Compact semi-auto dumpling making machine. Standardizing shape, size and filling volume for gyozas.

    Gyoza Innovation Specifications 

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