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Toa Industry Co., Ltd.

TOA Compact Gyoza Making Machine "Gyoza Innovation"

TOA Compact Gyoza Making Machine "Gyoza Innovation"

Toa's Compact Gyoza Making Machine, "Gyoza Innovation" is a compact semi-auto dumpling machine. The size is similar to a household microwave, which is perfect for an efficient kitchen. Dumplings are standardized with customized size, shape, filling volume. With the same wrap and filling, anyone can make 1500 dumplings per hour. It is easy to dissemble for cleaning.

*Real product demonstration is available upon request.


1,500 pieces per hour


Stainless Steel and Hydro Alloy


Height 701 × Depth 255 × Width 343 mm


44 kg


Single Phase 100V 65W

Safety Certification

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Toa Industry Co., Ltd.

Toa Industry was established in 1963 at Hagi-machi, Hamamatsu City. They specialize on dumplings machinery and gyoza business support.

Toa Industry Co., Ltd.